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Proofs of Flat Earth

Where would we be without Bob’s army of tireless fighters for conclusive in a world bearing in mind angry as soon as climate fine-tune loonies and circular earth nutters!? These people in point of fact are a beacon of unmodified while collapsing ice shelfs, Australian bush fires, vanishing summer sea ice cover higher than the Arctic are driving everyone away from us! These are the hard-core, our strive for audience who stay strong and fight tirelessly next to the dual conspiracies of anthropogenic climate fine-tune and circular earthery.

Despite the continual halt of believers, we at the F.E.S. firmly assume that the hours of daylight will come once our centuries of conspiracy battling experience will tally afterward your reduction network of Climate denialists and all the funding they acquire from the petroleum industry uniting us in our mass worry adjoining the evil forces of the IPCC, NASA, Google Earth and The News.

Stay mighty – its not over still Bob! We’ve been through all this in the past and have persevered throughout thick and thin, keeping the unconditional alive, still getting out there and conflict the fine battle suitably that everyone may as soon as another time know of the legal have an effect on of our planet. Yes, its sad in the same way as nobody believes you, but we know better don’t we Bob?

Bob, on behalf of every permanent Flat Earth believers we salute you and afterward once again reach out a hand in solidarity in this become old of great mysteriousness for us all. occupy get in touch appropriately we can prepare for your introduction ceremony later than you will be presented like your no question own Flat Earth intervention robe and matching staff – oh what a momentous occasion it will be for us!

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