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Wow! Way better than expected.

After reading the reviews, I was worried that a 3X would be too big, but since I’ll be wearing a long sleeve T-shirt or sweater underneath it, it fits just right!
The decal has a good backing on it unlike other Jerseys, and the material is sturdy and good. Looks exactly like the Jersey Clark wore in the movie! This is a very well-made Jersey that could have been priced at least twice as much and I would have been just as satisfied.
If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn’t be surprised than I am right now with the quality of this black wild jersey! the quality is superb and I was afraid of the size being off but mine fits perfectly! Love it! You guys nailed it!
Shipping was on time considering the time of year. I expected something to be off, but it arrived ahead of schedule. Great buy and I totally recommend!

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